Wednesday, July 23, 2008

River Pieces - the Pictures!

Well folks, a bit later than I thought, but here are some pics of the first of the new river sections. While there are other rivers out there, I can say that these are solid flex resin, and not flimsy latex. Pricing is not completed yet, but I'm sure these will follow all F.S.S. products in being as cheap as I can make and sell them for.

In these pictures we have the piece with just a light dry-brushing of beige on the river banks, the rocks are painted, and a bit of flocking. In one we have a Flames of War panzer to some idea of scale. The piece is 20cm long and 25mm wide at one end and is 40mm wide at the other, and is a transition piece.

Monday, July 21, 2008

July Update - River Sections Started!

G'day folks,

Over the previous few days I have done the molds for 9 different river sections in various widths, and have modeled another seven pieces. In total, I think there will be around 35 - 40 different pieces when I'm finished. In the R & D stage, I'm still working out how to get the rivers looking like rivers. The first pieces were just plain brown flex resin, then I experimented with pouring brown resin in the banks first, as they are the lowest point of the mold. Once dry, I then poured blue resin to simulate the water. Once taken from the mould, the first one looked very spiffy. A light buff dry brush on the banks and some dark gray on some rocks with a light gray dry brushing and it was finished. I will glue some flock to the banks also and take some pictures to post here.

If anyone wants to suggest any special river pieces, or ask about anything else, you can email me at:

Cheers until next time.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Items on the Drawing Board!

At present we are planning a series of river sections to compliment the road sections we already have. Planned are river sections in 4 sets with a river bed width of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. There will be straight (sort of straight anyway) sections, bends, confluences (where 2 25mm pieces will join to form a 50mm piece, two 50mm join to form a 75mm piece, etc. and also bridges and fords which will join the road sections we have at present.

All these pieces will be made from a flexible polymer so that it can follow the contours of your table (to a certain degree).

Also planned is a series of "How To" articles on painting the roads, rivers, bases and other resin pieces from F.S.S.

Thanks for reading,


New Bases

G'day folks,

I thought it was time I updated this blog. I apologise for being so lazy.

The latest from the workshop is a series of bases upon which to base figures for wargaming. These started with all the bases needed for the Koenig Krieg rules for gaming the Seven Years War in 15mm.

To start with we have the Army Command Pack at A$5.60 with an Army Command base, 6 x Skirmisher bases, 4 x Artillery bases and 1 x Artillery Limber base.

Next is the Infantry Brigade Pack at A$7.40, which contains 1 x Brigade Command base and 16 Infantry bases.

Now the Cav. First is the Light Cavalry Pack at A$5.40, which contains 12 x Light Cav. bases.

Finally in the KK series, we have the Heavy Cavalry Pack at A$5.70, which contains 1 x Brigade Command base and 8 x Heavy Cav. bases.

We also have Fire & Fury bases in 3mm thick. If anyone is interested, just contact me at



Sunday, July 16, 2006

July Update

Here I am again, a bit late, but better late than never.

Today I have some pics of all four 15mm log defensive positions. These have been painted and flocked and don't look too bad, even if I do say so myself. Many thanks to Garry W. for the loan of the troops.

For prices on the bare resin pieces please email me at for an up-to-date catalog and pricelist. This email address can also be used to email me any ideas for pieces that you want to see made.

Also recently I made a 'pinned' marker for Flames of War games, and there is a picture here of it as well. It is more of 'nailed' than 'pinned', but it gets the idea across.

On the drawing board, I hope to get done in the next few days a modular forest base system. Three, possibly four pieces which can fit together to make a large forest area or seperated to make thinner/longer forests.

There are moves afoot to have F.S.S. resin scenics distributed by an established trader. More on this when things happen.

Until next update, take care.


Friday, June 02, 2006

More 15mm Defensive Positions Coming Soon!

After the success of the first two log defensive positions in 15mm, I am now working on more. The first two were for an artillery base and a command base in Flames of War. The next ones are for an infantry base and also for two infantry bases side by side. Hopefully I'll be able to get the originals completed this weekend and the moulding done during the next week, or so. Pictures to come.

Monday, May 01, 2006


After noticing some websites recently which had not deleted references to a business connection between Fernvale Specialty Scenics and Milmod Hobbies of Safety Beach in New South Wales, I would like to make it clear that there is NO business relationship between us.

Milmod Hobbies was supposed to be my distributor, both in Australia and overseas, but after a business relationship of over 12 months with NO sales generated by them, I terminated the relationship a little while ago. Part of the problem was Milmod Hobbies' insistance that he be SOLE distributor, to the point where even if I had organised sales to local shops he wanted his cut. I thought this to be grossly unfair and smacking of greed.

I must say that business has been good since I have organised sales myself, though I am looking at a couple of different methods of distribution. More on this later.



Saturday, April 22, 2006

Email Catalog & Price List Updates

If anyone is interested in being on a list for updates, possibly monthly, on new pieces and up-to-date prices please email me at

Over time, I will be posting pictures of all my resin pieces on this blog, so bookmark it if you like.